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This Site is intended to provide another form of purchase to Growdeck consumers, in addition to strengthening the relationship with its customers.

When browsing this Site, the user agrees with the Terms and Conditions of Use that govern it and with all other notices that may appear on the pages, pertinent to matters dealt with in said Terms.


The terms described below, when used in these Terms and Conditions of Use of the Growdeck.com.br Website, will have the following meanings:

All those who somehow access the Growdeck.com.br Site, customers or not, are classified as “Internet users”.

All persons who use the products and/or services offered by the Site Growdeck.com.br, paid or not, are classified as “clients”. All persons who register on the Growdeck.com.br Site and receive an individual and exclusive identification are classified as “users”. Individual identification is understood as all information that is not available to the general public and is assigned, personalized, to a specific client/user. Examples of individual identification data are CPF or CNPJ numbers, contact details and billing data.

My Registration: restricted area of the site, where users enter their registration information.

Login: Identification of a user before the system. To gain access, you must enter your identification (login), followed by your password.

Password: Sets of characters, unique to the user, used in the process of verifying his identity, ensuring that he is really who he says he is.

Purpose of the Site

The Site Growdeck.com.br makes the virtual store available to the user, in order to bring greater practicality to the consumer in his purchases. The user, after registering on the site, will be able to make his purchases online, choose the payment method, browse the site, request exchanges or returns, make contact with the Customer Service, etc.

After logging in through the “My registration” link, the user will be able to check account information, change their registration data, track their orders, etc. It is the sole responsibility of the user to enter the information in the database on the Site Growdeck.com.br.