Thinking about your good shopping experience on our website, we created an Exchange and Return Policy based on the Consumer Protection Code. If you need to exchange or return a product you bought or won, know that we will be available to answer all your questions.

Reasons that may lead you to exchange or return:

  • Withdrawal/Regret: the deadline is up to 7 (seven) days from receipt of the product (according to Art. 49 of the Consumer Protection Code);
  • Technical or manufacturing defect, the deadline is 7 (seven) days from receipt of the product (according to Art. 18 and Art. 26 of the Consumer Protection Code);
  • Breakdown (damage): in this case, refuse the product upon delivery or request an exchange or refund within 24 hours of receiving the product;
  • Product not in line with the order placed: refuse the product upon delivery or request an exchange or refund within 7 (days) of receiving the product (according to Art. 49 of the Consumer Protection Code).< /li>
  • You must contact our Customer Service Center, via email, chat or telephone, to request the exchange or return of the product.
  • Attention: The delivery date is the one shown on the invoice. If it exceeds 7 (seven) days, the exchange or return cannot be made. The date will be checked in our system and the exchange cannot be made if the date entered is wrong.

In order for the product to be exchanged or returned, it must meet the following conditions:

  • Accompanied by the 1st copy of the Sales Invoice or Tax Coupon. Even those who receive the product as a gift receive the Invoice without the purchase price;
  • In original packaging;
  • No signs of damage from misuse;
  • Accompanied by the manual and all accessories.
  • The exchange or return will be effected after analysis of the product, made by our Logistics area. The period for analysis is up to 3 (three) business days, counted from the receipt of the product in our Distribution Center.

The exchange can be made by:

  • Same product;
  • Value for the same value as the returned product;
  • Credit to your checking account or your card statement. The refund will be made according to the payment method chosen by you at the time of purchase.
  • Buy on the website and exchange in the store

If you made the purchase at, you received the product in perfect condition and, even so, you were not satisfied. Procedures for exchanging goods due to dissatisfaction:

  • Request the exchange within 07 (seven) calendar days after receiving the product contained in the purchase invoice.
  • The product must present the original label/packaging/accessories, accompanied by the Invoice.
  • Choose another item according to stock available on the site.
  • The new product must respect the minimum value of the original product.
  • If there is a difference in values, for greater, payment of the difference must be provided.

> Rules of the Consumer Defense Code related to ShippingReturn of shipping value

If the customer returns the product within the period of repentance, all amounts paid by the consumer, including shipping, must be returned.

Note: The customer must post the goods at the Post Office, choosing the PAC shipping method. If you have any type of problem, you will need to contact our call center.

> Product exchange, does the store bear the shipping costs?

Procon: No. It is a common doubt, but one cannot forget that the period of repentance does not apply to exchanges, but to returns. The consumer has 7 days to return the product. Exchanging is not the same as returning.

The consumer returns the product because he regretted having bought it, no matter the reason, and not because it did not fit.

When a shoe gets too small and he wants a bigger one, for example, he is exchanging it for another one, not returning it.

In case of exchange, the store only has to pay shipping costs if the product is defective.

> Who pays for the return shipping of a defective or incorrectly delivered product?

CDC: The virtual store has to pay not only the return shipping but also the costs of sending the right product to the consumer, if the agreement was the replacement of the product.

> When does the consumer have to pay the shipping cost?

CDC: When making an exchange that is not mandatory by law, such as the wrong size of a shoe purchased over the Internet. If the consumer wears size 37 and risked a size 36, he bears the tightness

For more information, please contact our Customer Service Center.